Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Who am I? The Old Button Undone

So who, or what is The Old Button? Inspired by a box of old buttons my grandmother gave me as a child, I have to admit I have a love-hate relationship with the name.

On the love side, it's short, cute and fairly memorable. And it sounds a bit retro.  But on the hate side it makes me sound ancient - ok I am approaching the half century but I am still young at heart. It begins with "T" so it is always towards the end of an alphabetical search. And worse of all - I don't sell buttons!  Not exactly what it says on the tin which seems to go against all I advice I've since read about developing your brand. But I've grown attached to it so it is here to stay.

What to say about me?

I've been designing and making things since I was a little girl and needed more clothes for my Sindy dolls. Luckily Sindy is more forgiving than her high maintenance cousin - Barbie - and was more than happy to wear my "Sarongs" - aka clumsy wrap rounds with ribbon belts. She didn't even complain when I made her wear my latest "Dress" design - two "t" shaped scraps sewn together with huge stitches and a neck hole so small I had to pull off her head before I could get it on.

Luckily both my skills and technique developed and as a teenager I made some of my own clothes and "improved" others - despite what my teenage daughter thinks - customising clothes isn't a new thing. Unfortunately this was during 70s and 80s and both my taste and style was severely compromised - think bright pink polka dot ra-ra skirt with matching boob tube. Or wide leg jeans turned into drainpipes by taking in the inside seam - looked fabulous if worn with an oversized t-shirt to hide the baggy bottom. But I got through this and graduated onto evening dresses, cushions and curtains and even designed and made my own wedding dress. Wish I was still that slim...

.... fast forward a number of years. I live in South Wales with my fabulous husband, two gorgeous children that love performing and two pesky cats. Our house is an under-maintained Edwardian semi that my poor parents keep nagging us about and a lovely garden that I sadly don't spend enough time in. I work part time as a Financial Resources Manager in the NHS and have a second "job" as Mum's taxi. My "me" time is reading, sewing and designing - I make stage costumes as well as gifts for children and the home - and more recently I've discovered I love writing blogs.

I am really looking forward to sharing some of my ideas and inspiration with you and finding out what you are all up to.

Sharon- The Old Button


  1. Lovely to meet you- an old box of buttons makes my heart sing and pulling the head off to make the dress fit made me snigger X

  2. Thanks for your comment Lisa and great to meet you too - it was a bit mean on poor old Sindy wasn't it - and from a child that couldn't put her teddies in a box in case they suffocated!


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