Thursday, 1 August 2013

Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha

I've called this Louise @ Elsie May and Bertha as people sometimes that I'm called Elsie May or Bertha. In fact, these were my two grandmothers, Elsie May Hancock and Bertha Hodson. The name  popped into my head one day when I was trying to think of a name to call my 'shop', I'd gone through lots of names, many of which were already taken. So Elsie May and Bertha (EM&B) it was.

I've been making things for as long as I can remember using a mixture of sewing and knitting. I've now added paper crafting to those two, and attempting crochet, but I don't have enough time for that really (a poor excuse I know).

I've been selling my wares under the EM&B banner since October 2010 after I'd taken voluntary redundancy from work (I have chronic fatigue so I went before I was made too). I sell via my website, Folksy and vintage/craft fairs. The latter are really good for meeting like-minded people and puts names to faces that I follow on Twitter and Facebook.

I really enjoy being able to spend my days (when I can) creating lovely things. I'm especially keen on reusing things and a lot of my stash has come from charity shops and I love coming up with new ways to use something that someone else didn't want.

I've not been able to make any kind of living from my making, as yet (where are all those sale?), so have had a considerable drop in lifestyle, but I do get to make things every day! Some thing are worth more than money (but don't tell the bank manager that!).

I don't really have one style, as I tend to make either for someone specific or to use a specific item from my stash, so the style can depend on that.

I have started to branch out into more arty things, creating collages out of fabrics and/or paper and I participated in my first art exhibition this may. I'm looking forward to doing more of this kind of work.

I really enjoy being a member of the Monthly Challenge design team, I like the discipline of having a deadline to work to. I have quite a few things waiting to be completed in my work basket! I am also looking forward to seeing the things that people make for the different challenges. The ones we've judged so far have been really difficult because of the standard of the entries.


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  1. Great post and I love your work - brilliant craftsmanship and good to see you are into recycling too.


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