Sunday, 28 April 2013

And Here's To The Beginning!

So as you can see there have been a few changes around here.

We used to be the Creative Connections Monthly Craft Challenge, and were held on the 1st of every month over on the Creative Connections Network but we had a little jig about and decided that a change was long over due.

So we moved the challenge, we renamed it and we got the design team more involved.


Get Crafty With Creative Connections was born!

This isn't JUST about the challenge. The challenge is still happening, it will be posted on this blog every month, on the first of the month with a nice linky on the post so you can all join in. Nothing has changed there, except the place it is hosted.

But this blog is about more than just the challenge.

It is a place for all of our Design Team to be regular contributors. We will all be writing posts and tutorials and showing you, our readers, our inspirations.

But it will also be a place for us to help you. Got a crafty question then send it over, as we may just be able to help.

It will also be a place for the winners of the Get Crafty Challenge to show of their talents by having the opportunity of doing a guest post themselves!

So there will be lots of things happening. So keep your eyes peeled. Get following via email or the Google Friend Connector on the side of the blog and lets get this party started!