Thursday, 9 May 2013

noodleBubble ...Who am I?

Who Am I ? 

*Sits at cluttered desk twirling a curl round a biro* 
WHO am I??? 
 I feel a bit like I need to be locked in a high school on a Saturday morning with Judd Nelson & Molly Ringwald for this one (If you’re too young to remember  The Breakfast Club just stop reading now- I have nothing to offer you. Honestly! GO! ...& take your youthful elastic skin with you)

So Fact One…  I never quite left the 80’s.

*stares out of the window* hours pass…  It goes dark.

Next day at same untidy desk .

*dunks biscuit in tea* Sorry, do you want one? *proffers packet*

Do you want the truth? I have the concentration span of a gnat.  Hate talking about myself & even worse *shudders* photos of myself…luckily I’ve discovered an app on my phone that makes you look less like yourself…

I’m noodleBubble aka Lisa… I’m a full time felt fiddler and button collector. I always have a book on the go. Adore a charity shop rummage. Throwing things away causes extreme distress so I don’t do it often. I sell my work online, in a few shops and at the occasional fair. I also sell supplies online. I enjoy working at home but do find that I miss the watercooler moments that going out to work provides. For this reason I embraced social media… and seemingly forgot to let go… I WASTE spend a vast amount of time on Twitter… Look me up & say Hi…. @noodleBubble on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Words with friends…  

Thanks for reading


  1. What a fab intro Blog - I too confess I hate throwing anything out. It really has got to the stage where I have boxes filled with plastic bags...

    I am looking forward to reading more about your Sewing Blogs!


    1. *blushes* Thank you...

      Am actually quite jealous of your boxes of plastic bags... Have you been to ???

      Happy Making

  2. Love your blog post - really looking forward to more!

  3. Thank you Joy.

    Thanks for commenting too- nice to hear feedback as I seem to get enough talking to myself with my daughter at the mo!



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