Friday, 10 May 2013

Who is Nikki K?

Who am I?  Now there's a question.

I'm Nikki K, passionate about mixed media, stamping, resin jewellery and polymer clay.  Owner of Fairy Elephant Design, where my jewellery started.  The name came from my mum, she used to shout it at me as I ran up the stairs at home when I was young. 

I've recently decided to expand and show my other loves, and let people see 'me', - stop hiding behind the elephant if you like!  So here I am, Nikki K.

The painting above sums me up really, nothing but a dreamer!

I live in the Midlands with my husband, dog Luna, and cat Magic.  I'm an IT Technician four days a week, and get to run my business mainly on Monday's, weekends and evenings. 

I'm pleased to join the Get Crafty team here on the new blog, and to be a contributor.  I hope to bring you randomness, humour, and lot's of tutorials, and look forward to hearing what you would like to learn from us here.

Best Wishes,

Nikki K.

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