Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Who is Maelotti

Many people have asked where the name comes from and I can tell you it is not Italian it is actually the names of my two grandmas, May and Lotti. In 2011 I set up a website to display my creations and showcase my husbands art, which in 2012 had a shop added as requests were coming in.
Recently I have had some of the artwork converted into cross stitch patterns which are now available on my website.

So, about the person behind it all. My name is Claire and I cant remember a time when I didn't do some form of craft. From a young age my grandma, May, used to spend time with me teaching me to knit, crochet and make pompoms, lol.

About 20 years ago I started making the occasional card and it spiraled from there. Know i cross stitch, make bobbin lace, glass paint and have recently began to draw under my husbands tuition (he is a teacher of fine art) I have a passion for anything that sparkles so jewellery seemed the next best thing for me to make. Silver Angel started after I had made a necklace for a gift and then was asked if i could make another.

I now live on the Suffolk coast with my wonderful husband, Phil who puts up with all of my crafting stash. Our two beautiful children Keianna and Reggie, our dog Angus and new addition of Misti the kitten. 

I am pleased to be on the design team and am looking forward to seeing all of your creations.I am still fairly new blogging, but I hope you enjoy my creations, some of which may not be quite as planned. 



  1. Lovely to learn all about you Claire, looking forward to more posts

  2. lovely to meet you Claire! Like the end bit "may not be quite as planned..."



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